A Thought For The Weekend : Does Technology Make Things Easier?

We're constantly told that technology is taking away jobs and always makes things easier to do. I've come across 2 examples, that prove this thinking to be slightly incorrect: 1. Candidate applications I know, this isn't really a new thing! Why, oh why, can't people apply for jobs in an easy way? We're in the … Continue reading A Thought For The Weekend : Does Technology Make Things Easier?


How To Get Your Facebook Audience Reach Back

    Here is a great post from Swinton Careers. Ask your page followers to set this up with your page included and they'll see every update that you publish! https://plus.google.com/u/0/116081765996014881328/posts/3fZLToLprp4

I’m unemployed – Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

Yes! There's no point in beating around the bush here. Most employers and recruitment agencies are now looking to find new staff on LinkedIn. Whether you're unemployed, or employed and looking for future opportunities, LinkedIn is important. You are missing out on possible opportunities if you aren't on there. I don't use Facebook or Twitter, … Continue reading I’m unemployed – Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

Using Social Media For Your Job Search: A Definitive Guide | Social Media Today

See on Scoop.it - Social media and social recruitment The explosion of social media in the last few years has meant that many companies and recruitment managers have taken to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to source for fresh talent and improve their company profile and presence. See on socialmediatoday.com

6 Ways Social Media Marketing Is Changing (For the Better)

See on Scoop.it - Tony's social media List.ly Six trends that are changing the way we use social media in marketing and sales.Tony Melling's insight:Keep social marketing "useful and inbound"!See on blog.hubspot.com

50 Hottest Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers – Resumebear Online Resume

See on Scoop.it - Tony's social media List.lyTony Melling's insight:This is a very useful list to remind you of those key #tags to use. Keep it to hand when you're building your social CV on Twitter.This is also a great list for Recruiters, to remind you how job seekers may be utilising #tags.See on blog.resumebear.com

How to download Vine movies onto Facebook

It's taking Twitter by storm, but there are rumours that Facebook has blocked the clips. Whilst this may be true for downloading straight from the vine app, there is a way to get around this an still post onto facebook! It's so simple! 1.Save the clip onto your camera roll when it's completed in vine. … Continue reading How to download Vine movies onto Facebook

Find a job with Twitter

How to use Twitter for your job search First of all, the basics! You need to make it easy for hirers to find you, so by applying these basic principles, you’ll give yourself the best start, before we move onto anything more complicated. Avatar / profile picture You need a picture, which looks professional and … Continue reading Find a job with Twitter

Podcasts, Forums and Wikis

Podcasts Podcasts are a form of digital media and are downloaded or streamed from the internet. Users generally listen to podcasts on portable devices,and as such, the name is derived from 2 words - “broadcast” and “pod” (as in iPod). Listeners will usually subscribe to podcasts, as they are tend to be a series of … Continue reading Podcasts, Forums and Wikis

An intro to content communities

Content Communities Content communities are groups where people congregate around a certain topic of interest. These topics could be just about anything, but mainly centre around videos, pictures or links and tend to have a social network type element surrounding them. The main content communities in use at the moment are: Youtube Pinterest Flickr Youtube … Continue reading An intro to content communities