Unhappy at work? Let it go…

How much time do you spend at work? How much overtime do you do at work? Can you honestly say that you choose to be there?!

We’re all working more hours than we want to do, but why don’t we all leave at the same time of day? We all feel a bit down at work at different times, yet we all have our own particular reasons why.

Most of us feel, on a good number of occasions, like we don’t really want to be at work. It is not always the fault of our employer and we all have our own reasons why we don’t give our work our all, or why we can’t really be bothered to go to work in the first place.

How do you feel about going into work?

If you are dragging yourself into work every day with a stomach full of dread, then it’s time to say #LetItGo. We only have a limited time on this planet and don’t have time for these negative feelings to bubble and fester.  If you aren’t happy, for whatever reason, just go!

Are you sleeping at night?

If the answer is yes, then brilliant! You’re living the dream.. If it is a no,  then welcome to the club! From time to time, most of us will experience a few sleepless nights courtesy of the boss. If you’re waking up thinking about work and even more so, getting woken up thinking about work, then it’s time to go. Don’t suffer. #LetItGo!

Do you fit in with your colleagues?

We’re all humans and we’re all unique. That means from time to time we’re going to fall out with each other! Independent thought is great, but also means that we inevitably will disagree with each other. Not pulling hair or swinging punches at each other, but general outbursts of passion and productivity. #LetItGo. You’ll feel better for it, as long as you’ve not thrown someone around the office!

Are you using your skills?

One of the major reasons why people leave their current employer is that they are not using their skills, or developing what they have. This can be your fault, or the management’s. Only you know for sure!

If you aren’t using them, then you’re on a downward spiral. Everyone needs to be the “one” and should fight to stay at that level for as long as possible. We’re all super important, but to prove this we need to #LetItGo and just get on with the job in hand.  Prove your worth through the quality of your work!

Where’s the balance?

There has to be some balance. You know it and we have to shout if we think balance is missing. If not, before you know it, all balance has gone by the wayside and is now the new norm. No firm can be productive and successful without balance, whether they can think they can or not. They want to keep things on a even keel as best they can too. #Let It Go.

We all deal with our own obstacles every day, but we can easily lose motivation from time to time. Despite working where we perform at our best and where we are the best at what we’re doing, we will have challenges to test us.

#LetItGo, find yourself, adapt and hustle! Only this way will you find success and ultimately be happy at work.


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