100 days of Gratitude (#GratitudeAttitude ) – Day 37

having an attitude of grattiude is the cure to negative news


Decisions, decisions! Today has involved a lot of thinking and soul-searching, but I managed to get some quiet time later in the day which helped 🙂

1. I am grateful for the quiet time I was given this evening to sort my current situation out in my head.

2. I am grateful for the kind words of wisdom I received from a couple of my connections. THey really helped me to sort myself out and motivated me into making the decisions.

3. I am grateful for being able to see through the intentions of the people involved in this current obstacle, which has helped me to work out their motivations.

4. I am grateful for the delivery man who brought my take away this evening. Even the small things matter!

5. I am grateful for the smile from the lady on the street this morning who was handing out leaflets for the Jehovah Witnesses. I’m not really a believer, but her smile lit up the slightly grey street 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you; one and all!


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