100 days of Gratitude (#GratitudeAttitude ) – Day 16

having an attitude of grattiude is the cure to negative news


Hello again! Thanks for coming back 🙂

Snowy day today! it’s not stopped coming down for 24 hours!

  1. I am grateful for marketing. It’s something that I’m learning a lot about and I’m surprised by how much it influences everything that we do.(Usually for the good!)
  2. I am grateful for telephone. Mobile and the old school ones too! A means to keep in touch with people, no matter how technology progresses!
  3. I am grateful for Technology (from above!). It’s a part of pretty much everyone’s life and is usually there to make things easier and more efficient – when it works 😉
  4. I am grateful for my hands – a small thing to be grateful for, some would say. Imagine life without them though. I’ve been trying to think of any single moment through the day where I’m not suing them and I can’t find one!!
  5. I am grateful for my eyesight. ANother sense that we can take for granted. Even though I wear glasses for driving, I can see what I need to. The World I live in would be very different without this ability.

Have a lovely day and I’ll see you soon 🙂


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