I’m unemployed – Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

There’s no point in beating around the bush here. Most employers and recruitment agencies are now looking to find new staff on LinkedIn.
Whether you’re unemployed, or employed and looking for future opportunities, LinkedIn is important.
You are missing out on possible opportunities if you aren’t on there.

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, so why do I need LinkedIn?
Think of it as an investment in the future of your career.
Yes, this does also include the people who may think that they are in the Twilight years of their career!
As more and more recruiters use LinkedIn, there is a good chance that they will rely less on the more traditional places that they used to find candidates i.e. CV libraries.

Be lazy…..
I don’t think there are many people out there who haven’t had to suffer the difficulties of applying for a vacancy online! Every company has a different system, most of which take ages to complete!
You need to attach a covering letter, possibly optimised for certain industry keywords to get through the automated sift on the ATS.
You “tailor” your application to each vacancy, again in a vain attempt to get through the infamous “ATS”!


Why not spend some time setting up a LinkedIn profile? You can included all of your achievements, experiences, qualifications & keywords and then let the Recruiter come to you?!?!

……and also make it easy for them!
I can’t speak for every recruiter out there, but would hazard a guess that LinkedIn is likely to be their first place to search when they are given their requisition. Most have paid good money for a Recruiter licence, so will be likely to justify that by making LinkedIn a priority.
Make the most of this opportunity and make it easy for them to find you!
There are hundreds of blog posts out there which explain in detail exactly how to “optimise” your profile, so do a bit of research before you start. It’s well worth the time invested!

Everyone I see on there is more Senior to me!
You’re correct! There seem to be a lot of more “senior” staff on LinkedIn. There are lots more people joining who may be considered as entry level too. Bear in mind though – who ultimately makes the hiring decisions? It’s not usually the entry level people !
Create your profile and get involved with the senior people. You’ll get used to how they work and what their mind-set is like. That way, the next time you’re interviewed by one of them, it’ll just be like speaking to them on LinkedIn!
You never know who will see your profile on LinkedIn and where this might take you! You may well get referred and go onto much bigger things than you originally thought!

You have nothing to lose..
It is another social platform, at the end of the day, but if you want to start you career, or develop what you already have, then you really need to pay LinkedIn some attention!

What now?
Create that LinkedIn profile and start interacting with people! You’ll be surprised how many people that you already know who are on there!

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