Kaizen and the job seeker

kaizen small.png

You might have come across this term before, but for those who haven’t, it is defined on Wikipedia as:

Noun -“A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.”

It is made up of 2 Japanese words:
· Kai – meaning “change” or “to correct”
· Zen – meaning “good”
Its literal translation therefore, is “Good change”.
In essence, it involves making changes anywhere that a small improvement can be made.

In Japan Kaizen is adopted in business and home life. There is no separation of where it is effective.

Where to start?
It’s about looking into every part of your job search to see where even a small change might improve your results.
We all know that our CV is the best it can be…… that we’re all brilliant at interviews…….. we know everything about our chosen industry……. we know the best agency to send our CV to etc. etc.
The real truth is though, that we CAN improve on everything that we do – with no exceptions!
After all, if we knew everything and didn’t need to improve, we would already be in the job of our dreams, being compensated at our perfect level, with no need to be looking for a new role!
(If this is you – well done! Thank you for reading the post and please share it with the rest of us who aren’t quite there yet !)

One thing at a time
As we are only talking small changes, this can become a daily practice. Don’t get complacent, there will always be new things to look into.

To get you started here are a few ideas.

Could you:

· Improve your CV?
· Improve your networking skills and reach of your networks?
· Improve your interview skills?
· Improve your cover letter?
· Improve your emails?
· Improve your telephone skills?
· Improve your presentation skills?
The list of improvements that we can make are limitless, but over time they will compound and you’ll see massive changes!

Leave a comment below to let us know about any other areas that you might be able to improve


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