The extinction of the recruiting dinosaur (Recruitus Extinctus)

The Global war on talent

There are a lot of different opinions on this, but the main arguments being made are that the qualified, high calibre candidates are in short supply, even though there is high unemployment across most parts of the world.

In the UK, the CIPD have released this information. The last paragraph is particularly relevant to this post.

Passive candidates?
LinkedIn quotes that approximately 80% of it’s network is made up of what they call “passive” candidates. (Those who aren’t currently looking for new roles.) The CIPD also have a similar figure for passive candidates in the market:

Active candidates?
What about the other 20% of LinkedIn’s network or the market that CIPD refers to? The ones who are actively looking for a change?
These are the candidates that apply for roles on the job boards, on LinkedIn etc.

They COME to you.

They are perfect candidates for the less “tech savvy”, or some might even say “lazy”, recruiters out there who just “SPRAY & PRAY” job adverts on the job boards and then sit and wait for a response.
They converse ONLY by email and telephone. They don’t feel any need to approach their candidates in any other way, as they’ve “ALWAYS DONE IT THIS WAY AND IT WORKS”!!
We’ll call these the “Recruitment dinosaurs” or “Recruitus extinctus”. They’ve not moved with the times and worryingly, feel no reason to change now.

PACTIVE candidates
Active and passive no longer exist – as MATT JEFFERY and LISA SCALES describe them – we’re all passive AND active. We’re “PACTIVE” now.
Everyone has a trigger which would spark their interest in moving.
Money, location, promotion, flexibility…. every person is different, but all would consider a move once the correct button is pushed!

The times they are a-changing….
To embrace the talent out there a more pro-active approach needs to be taken. This will become more and more apparent as the “war for talent” pans out.
Bear in mind the phrase – “You need to fish where the fish are”. I’m not sure who to attribute this to, but it hits the nail on the head.
This is very true, but to be able to do this, you need to understand and know how to approach all the places that you’re pools of candidates are found!

Job boards
They still work and are a source of probably the majority of candidates, but are you confident that you’re tapping into the full candidate pool for each role?
Definitely not – these candidates are only the tip of the iceberg!

You can lose count of the amount of times people have said that the job boards are dying though! My opinion is that they will never die; there will always be pro active candidates out there using them.

What went before…
Before the internet and the social media channels, there were limited ways in which a candidate could be found and contacted. Unless you had an extensive network of contacts, of course!
Whether they were “active” or “passive” candidates in today’s sense, it didn’t matter. High-street agencies and in-house recruiters relied on people coming to them. Word of mouth helped them too, as people would share any jobs that they knew about through their networks.
Yes – there were and still are, the “head-hunters” out there, who went out and sourced people directly. In general the foundation of this was built on an existing network of contacts.
You can see a common trend appearing here – – NETWORKS.

The Recruitus Extinctus needs to evolve
Networking is where Recruitus extinctus needs to evolve!
We’re social creatures and having a network is natural – but the ways in which we can now do this are growing every day. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram – they’re all options – as are snapchat, keek, pheed etc.

Different pools of candidates are attracted to different parts of the pool!

The recruiter who hasn’t moved with the times needs to get a move on, or they’ll become extinct!
Start using the channels which are appropriate to your candidates. If they are on Facebook, go there. If they aren’t, look somewhere else! You don’t have to be on every channel, as it can easily get too confusing.

When you find out where they are, contact and engage with them!

This doesn’t mean posting ads there though 😉

It means starting conversations, joining in discussions, NETWORKING with potential candidates. Ultimately give them more than you want back in return.
You won’t recruit every person that you contact, but EVERY discussion with EVERY person is valuable to you. It could connect you with a pool of untapped talent that the “lazy” recruiters won’t ever find.
Get to know the different strategies that work on each of the channels and adapt to every piece of feedback that you get.

Most Important of all
Do it now! There isn’t any time to lose in becoming pro-active. The networkers already have a head start on you and the extinction event has already begun…..

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