How to save your CV on your smartphone / phone /tablet


Have you ever seen the perfect job opportunity on your smartphone and wanted to apply for it there and then, but then realised that your CV was on your laptop at home?
It’s a nightmare situation that we’ve all been in at some point!!!

Many companies still haven’t optimised their websites for mobile users, but fear not, there is a way that you can save your CV (or any other important files) onto your phone, for easy access when you need them most.

Create and save your CV as a .pdf file. This is easily done on any word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. When you save the file, just change the “save as type” to “PDF (*.pdf)”.
That’s the first bit done – nice and easy 🙂
All you have to do now is get it onto your phone, which is completed in 3 steps:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Open the folder where your CV (.pdf) file is located
  3. “Drag and drop the file” into the “Books” option in your iTunes library. (highlighted below)

When the file is copied into your books, right click and then click on “Get info”.
Change the name to something appropriate and change the “author” to your own name.

That’s it, you’ve done the hard work!

Sync your iphone (remembering to also make sure that it is syncing your “books”) and your CV will now be acccesible for whenever you might need it.

You can attach it to applications, send it on email, or even print it straight from your phone (with the correct lead of course!) You’ll also have a handy copy, just in case your next interviewer
forgets their copy!!!

Blackberry and Android devices
Send your CV to your own email address and then save it straight onto your phone! Easy!!!
(There may be occasion where memory doesn’t permit this – if this is the case, get a new memory card, or delete something…)

It’s all fairly straightforward when you know how and hopefully this will have saved you having to pay through the nose for an app, which will just do the same job!!

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56 thoughts on “How to save your CV on your smartphone / phone /tablet

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Joseph. Do you have a text writer app on your phone? Something like Word, or Kingsoft? You can create a document on your phone that way. If not, there are a lot of cloud based apps that you could create a CV on and then download it to your phone.

  1. Kenneth says:

    I am using a blackberry curve 8520, what i need you to help me with is! I want to link my cv on my phone, so that i can be able to apply to companies via my phone thanks…

  2. garlynne says:

    hi I have a Samsung galaxy s4 mini and I need to send my cv from my phone to people as I have no laptop or any device Wat so ever to send it … pls help

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi! You’ll need an app to create your document first. Something like word, or similar. You can then crate the cv on your Samsung and save it as a pdf file in your documents folder. You can share it straight from there whenever you need it.

  3. louisa says:

    I want to create cv on my samsung galaxy j1 but I dont knw y please help bcoz when I apply via internet it needs cv on my phone

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Louisa,

      If you don’t know why you want to save your CV on your phone then I’m not sure I can help. If you meant how, then follow the instructions in the post for Andriod phones.


  4. Nape says:

    Hi there already i have cv in my phone saved in android but when I want to apply I don’t know I can do I tried it several times,my phone is Samsung galaxy smart 2 this urgent pls help

  5. siyabonga says:

    Hai there how can i create and save curriculum vitae in my blackberry torch please help me i wanna use it to send cvs and fax, taxi fees and copies is very high now we just need to save the less we have

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Nokulunga,
      Thank you for your question. Notn having your CV on your phone shouldn’t be affecting your chances of getting a job. If you are going to interviews, then you should always print a few copies off.
      You would save your CV on your phone so that it makes it easier to send them by email, or to apply for jobs on your phone.
      I hope this helps?

    • tonymelling says:

      Where are you saving the CV? Is it in a specific folder? Try your file manager to open the file, or androidzip app. This will then allow you to open and use the file 🙂

  6. Mosima says:

    Hi am using a Vodafone smart phone and I want to create a CV so that I can be able to send it to companies and also apply for jobs online please help

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Mosima. Create the CV in your usual software and then save it onto the phone following the instructions in the post. You don’t need to create the CV just on your phone 🙂

  7. Maureen says:

    Hi am Maureen I need to create and save a cv in my phone but I don’t know how to do it im using samsung GT.S5300 please help me I need to do it seriously

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Maureen. The Samsung GTS5300 is an android phone so you can save it in the internal storage using the instructions in the post. You can create your CV on any software that you currently use and then save it onto the phone. I hope this helps? 🙂

  8. Moshao says:

    Hi, i am using Alcatel onetouch phone,aand i am struggling on how to save Cv on my phone in order to apply for a job, can you please help me

    • tonymelling says:

      Hey Moshao,

      Your phone has a file viewer and runs on android, so you just need to create the document, download it to your phone and then move it from “downloads” to “documents”.
      Let me know how you get on!

  9. Mangope Collen Manaleng says:

    My aim is to create and save my CV on my phone.Please guide me through that process.

  10. portia says:

    I don’t know how to print n save CV on my Samsung smart phone i need to a mail my job career pls help

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Portia,

      To print your CV from your phone, you will need to have a special adapter, or a wifi printer connection. If you don’t have these, then send the CV as an email from your phone to a computer that has a printer attached. You can then print it from there 🙂

  11. Rebecca Peter says:

    Hi mu name is using a Nokia XL phone and several times I tried uploading my CV which is on my mailbox to an online application but failed pls what do I do cos I need a solution pls?

    • tonymelling says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      You can follow the android instructions for saving your CV as a document. If you open your CV in your mailbox and then “save” it. You’ll be abel to find it in your downloads, or the folder where you choose to save it.

      I hope this helps 🙂

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