Podcasts, Forums and Wikis


Podcasts are a form of digital media and are downloaded or streamed from the internet.
Users generally listen to podcasts on portable devices,and as such, the name is derived from 2 words – “broadcast” and “pod” (as in iPod).

Listeners will usually subscribe to podcasts, as they are tend to be a series of episodes.
Many radio stations are now saving their presenters’ shows so that fans can access them even if they miss the scheduled show.

Even the Dalai Lama has a regular podcast!

There are thousands of sites where you can download your favourite podcasts and they cover pretty much every topic you can think of!

They come in 2 formats – audio and video – which can be shared amongst your network.


This is an discussion where people hold conversations through the format of “posts”. They are similar to a more permanent version of a “chat room”. As with the other types of media, there are forums for every subject and some can have members numbering into the millions!
Some forums allow you to stay anonymous and users tend to use “avatars” on their forums. An avatar is a pictoral alter ego i.e a logo.


Wikis are collaborative websites, where content is created, input and modified by it’s own users. ANother example of “crowdsourcing”, which I’ll be covering in a post coming very soon!
A wiki could be simply described as a “user created encyclopaedia”.

The last in my series of introductions is on probably the most popular and most used social media, and is likely to be the last one that you’d think of………email!

I’ll catch up with you then!

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