An intro to content communities

Content Communities

Content communities are groups where people congregate around a certain topic of interest.
These topics could be just about anything, but mainly centre around videos, pictures or links and tend to have a social network type element surrounding them.

The main content communities in use at the moment are:

  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr

Number 1 in the content communities and it revolves around video format.
Companies and individuals have embraced this visual format for various purposes and Youtube videos appear on most websites now.

You can also set up your own channel – where you can keep an album (of sorts) of your videos in one collection for others to view.

A relatively new content community, Pinterest is experiencing rapid growth and popularity at the moment. Pinterest is like an online scrapbook, where you “pin” pictures to various “boards on your account. You can then share these boards with your followers.

This is an online photo album, where you can download your digital pictures and share them with your community. As with all the social medai, you can follow other users and share content.


The next post will be about podcasts, so see you then!

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