Blogs & Blogging

The word “Blog” is actually derived from 2 words – “web log”.
A blog is a discussion or “content” published on the internet and consists of “posts”.

Blogs tend to focus on a particular subject, be it a  topic, a group, a person etc.etc.

“Multi – author blogs” or MABs are another type of blog, where several (sometimes large) numbers of bloggers, post content and these can be professionally edited.

A large number of blogs are now MABs and come from large organisations, newspapers and universities, to name but a few.

Alongside blogs, micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, can actually become more like news streams.

Although initially blogs could be seen as just a stream of content, the fact that they tend to appeal to one type of audience means that bloggers can build up followings of regular readers and bloggers and therefore becoming a type of social network. Readers can also leave comments and share content.

Blogs generally contain images, videos and links to other blogs and other related sites and media.

There are loads of blogging sites available and they cater for all requirements, the more popular ones being:

WordPress is available in two formats – hosted (on or self hosted (through, so is particularly flexible.
You are also able to use bespoke themes for your blog, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Blogs are a great way to share content and build communities and can cover any topic at all!

Why not have a look at the sites above and see what blogs you can follow?

Even better than that, why not start your own and see how large a community you can build around your favourite topics?

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